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Industrial refrigeration training.  Randy Williams and GCAP CoolCast team provides education for the industrial  ammonia  refrigeration operator for efficiency, safety, and  compliance. Our spectrum of ammonia refrigeration training is customized to the quick start with no experience to the seasoned operator. 

A well trained operator should know how to maintain and operate the plants equipment in the most efficient  manner while keeping safety in mind. Demonstrating competence and knowledge as well as best engineering practices. We supply training for over 600 different companies and 1,800 students per year through GCAP,  2405 East Fulton, Garden City, Kansas U.S.  2014 will be our 11 year anniversary. We believe keeping up with the industry's technology is the key to our success when we promote GCAP's hands-on training labs.

  Our Mission Statement:  Enhance the technology, efficiency, safety, and educate the industrial  technician through commitment.

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RETA CARO and CIRO Available

 May 29, 2014 6th Annual Kansas City Ammonia Safety Day

2014 PSM / RMP Training Tour









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NEW COURSE ADDED!      "Ammonia Boot Camp 7 Days Long"    For Experienced Tech's   Operator I & II Combined 7 day course   

NEW COURSE ADDED!    Ammonia Operator I and Boiler Operator I Combined: 8 day course

GCAP’s Ammonia PSM/RMP

“Implementing Process Safety Management for Ammonia Refrigeration”

Process Safety Management 

Risk Management Program  

OSHA Compliance Book 29 CFR 1910.119

EPA Compliance Book 40 CFR 68  



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We at GCAP thank you for investing your time in our training program.  When you attend a GCAP course you are joining a family of over 8,500 Ammonia professionals throughout the world.  Please always think of the GCAP team as a resource at your disposal when you have any questions about PSM implementation or any Industrial Refrigeration topic.

Mr. Williams believes that the implementation of an effective training program is one of the most important steps that an employer can take to enhance employee safety.  Accordingly, PSM and RMP requires that each employee presently involved in operating a process or a newly assigned process must be trained in an overview of the process and in its operating procedures." We are here to help you understand the training & competencies requirements for operators.


GCAP is the only Private Industrial Ammonia Technical School  and is recognized as one of the top premier programs in the U.S. Without the help of the Industry and End Users we would not be rated number one!  Let us be your partner in training and work through any refrigeration, boiler, regulations, safety, and code problems that you might have at your facility.

Signed Guarantee & Personal Invitation:  President  of  GCAP LLC:   Randy Williams  and GCAP Staff


GCAP's Guarantee

If you feel that the training you received is not superior to any other refrigeration training programs in the country, then the course is  FREE!.  If one of your operators (student) does not feel they are ready to operate your system after completing Ammonia Operator I course with your plants specific SOP's  they can return by just paying the "Administration Fee"



As you face ever-increasing challenges to train
your operators and get the most from your training investments; we’re ready to help you
meet those demands.  With hands-on evaluations and employee involvement; our training processes are tailored to target plant specific needs." 


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