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  • Anhydrous Ammonia Awareness
  • Aqua Ammonia Awareness
  • Aqua Ammonia Handling-Details
  • Anhydrous Ammonia Handling-Details
  • Ammonia Properties
  • Ammonia Safety
  • Ammonia Process Safety Management
  • Ammonia Technician Safety
  • Risk Management Program for Ammonia
  • Ammonia Release
  • Reporting Ammonia Release
  • Ammonia Technician Training Operators
  • Compliance for ammonia systems
  • Training Process Hazard Analysis for Ammonia
  • Ammonia Contactors
  • Training for Mechanical Integrity  for Refrigeration
  • Training Process Safety Information
  • Training for Emergency Plan & Response


Garden City Ammonia Program PSM/RMP

Process Safety Management 

Risk Management Program  

OSHA Compliance Book 29 CFR 1910.119

EPA Compliance Book 40 CFR 68


  GCAP's PSM/RMP Book and Syllabus follow outline below.  

Chapter A

     A1) What is Process Safety Management?
     A2) PSM Regulation 29CFR1910.119
     A3) RMP Regulation 40CFR68
     A5) HAZWOPER 29CFR1910.120
     A6) PPE 29CFR1910.132
     A7) Respiratory Protection 29CFR1910.134
     A8) Permit Required Confined Spaces 29CFR1910.146
     A9) Lockout/Tagout 29CFR1910.147
     A10) Fire Protection 29CFR1910.155
     A11) Employee Alarm Systems 29CFR1910.165
     A12) Hot Work 29CFR1910.252
     A13) Hazard Communications 29CFR1910.1200

Chapter B

     B1) Why is Ammonia a Highly Hazardous Chemical
     B2) Example Ammonia MSDS
     B3) Ammonia Saturation Chart

Chapter C

     C1) General Duty Clause
     C2) EPA General Duty Fact Sheet
     C3) EPA General Duty Guidance

Chapter D

     D1) DHS's CFATS and EPA's Tier II

Chapter E

     E1) EPA's Risk Management Program and eSubmit of the RMP
     E2) EPA Appendix E
     E3) GCAP's Example Hazard Assessment and Scenarios
     E4) GCAP's Management System Example
     E5) GCAP's Risk Management Plan Guidelines example
     E6) GCAP's RMP-Submit Example

Chapter F

     F1) OSHA's Process Safety Management Program
     F2) Appendix C - OSHA's Non Mandatory Guidance

Chapter G

     G1) Design and Implementation of a Unified Program

Chapter H

     H1) Compliance Assurance - PQV vs. NEP
     H2) CPL 2-2.45
     H3) Chemical NEP
     H4) EPA RMP Level 3 Process Checklist

Chapter I

     I1) Process Safety Information
     I2) GCAP's Example PSI Guidelines

Chapter J

     J1) Employee Participation
     J2) GCAP's Example Employee Participation Guidelines
     J3) GCAP's EP-2 PSM Awareness Handout Example

Chapter K

     K1) Process Hazard Analysis
     K2) GCAP's Example PHA Guidelines
     K3) GCAP's Example PHA Report
     K4) GCAP's Example PHA Worksheet
     K5) GCAP's Example Recommendation Resolution Spreadsheet

Chapter L

     L1) Mechanical Integrity
     L2) GCAP's Example Mechanical Integrity Guidelines
     L3) GCAP's Example MI-EL1
     L4) GCAP's Example Walk-Through Form
     L5) GCAP's Example Walk-Through SOP

Chapter M

     M1) Operating Procedures
     M2) GCAP's Example Operating Procedures Guideline
     M3) GCAP's Example ROSOP 101 - System Operation
     M4) GCAP's Example ROSOP 113 - Line and Equipment Opening
     M5) GCAP's Example ROSOP 114 - Lockout Tagout Procedure
     M6) GCAP's Example ROSOP 116 -  Personal Protective Equipment
     M7) GCAP's Example ROSOP 117 - Quality Assurance
     M8) GCAP's Example RESOP 01 - Evaporative Condenser
     M9) GCAP's Example DOC-Cert

Chapter N

     N1) Employee Training
     N2) GCAP's Example Operator Training Guideline
     N3) GCAP's Example Operator Training OT-1 Form
     N4) GCAP's Example Training Needs Assessment
     N5) IAR Operator National Standard
     N6) Ammonia Refrigeration Training Guideline (ARTG)
     N7) IIAR ARTG GCAP Cross-Reference
     N8) GCAP's Ammonia MSDS Test
     N9) GCAP's Operator Questions

Chapter O

     O1) Management (Approval) of Change
     O2) GCAP's Example Management of Change Guideline
     O3) GCAP's Example MOC-1 Form
     O4) GCAP's Example MOC-2 Form
     O5) GCAP's Example MOC-3 Form

Chapter P

     P1) Pre-Startup Safety Review
     P2) GCAP's Example MOC-4 Form (PSSR)

Chapter Q

     Q1) Incident Investigation
     Q2) GCAP's Example Incident Investigation Guidelines
     Q3) GCAP's Example IIR-1A Form
     Q4) GCAP's Example IIR-1B Form
     Q5) GCAP's Example IIR-1C Form
     Q6) GCAP's Example IIR-1D Form
     Q7) GCAP's Example IIR-2A Form
     Q8) GCAP's Example IIR-LOG Form
     Q9) GCAP's Example IIR-SHORT Form
     Q10) GCAP's Example IIR-SHORT Form - Forklift Piping Incident
     Q11) GCAP's Example Freeform - Reportable Leak

Chapter R

     R1) Contractors
     R2) GCAP's Example Contractor Guideline
     R3) GCAP's Example CQ-1 Form
     R4) GCAP's Example CQ-2 Form
     R5) GCAP's Example CQ-3 Form
     R6) GCAP's Example CQ-4 Form
     R7) GCAP's Example CQ-5 Form
     R8) GCAP's Example CQ-6 Form

Chapter S

     S1) Compliance Audits
     S2) GCAP's Example Compliance Audit Guideline
     S3) GCAP's Example Combined Audit Form (OSHA & EPA Checklist)

Chapter T

     T1) Emergency Planning and Response
     T2) GCAP's Emergency Planning and Response Guidelines
     T3) Emergency Contingency Plan

Chapter U

     U1) Hot Work
     U2) GCAP's Example Hot Work Guideline

Chapter V

     V1) Trade Secrets
     V2) GCAP's Example Trade Secret Guideline

Chapter W

     W1) Sample Letters to File
     W2) GCAP's Example Process Chemistry Letter
     W3) GCAP's Example Electrical Classification Letter
     W4) GCAP's Example RAGAGEP Certification Letter

Chapter X

     X1) Selected Citations

Chapter Y

     Y1) EPA's Example Accident Prevention and Response Manual

Chapter Z

     Z1) Handouts

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