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The Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA) was established in 1910. RETA’s mission is to enhance the professional development of industrial refrigeration operators and technical engineers.

RETA CARO Certification

GCAP’s Ammonia Operator I course prepares you for the CARO Certification.  GCAP is proud to say they have the highest percentage of pass rate on this exam in the industry.

  • No Experience Required
  • Entry Level exam
  • 110 Questions multiple choice
  • 3 hour time limit
  • Supplement Package
  • 70% or higher to pass

The recommended study material to pass is Industrial Refrigeration 1 and Industrial Refrigeration IV from RETA.  GCAP’s Operator 1 course covers all this material and more and will also incorporate the practical “hands on experience” to enhance the learning experience.  If an individual can pass GCAP’s Operator I course and exam, they have a high probability they can pass the RETA CARO exam.  Since GCAP teaches refrigeration and this is a refrigeration exam the knowledge retained from our course greatly enhances your chances of passing this test.  As always you as an operator have to put forth the effort to apply yourself and utilize the knowledge.

RETA CIRO Certification

GCAP’s Ammonia Operator II courses prepare you for the CIRO Certification.  GCAP is proud to say they have the highest percentage of pass rate on this exam in the industry.

  • Minimum 2 years of experience
  • 134 Questions multiple choice
  • 3 hour time limit
  • 70% or higher to pass
  • Operators Exam
  • Supplemental Package

RETA recommends 7 different refrigeration materials to attempt this test although passing these courses does not guarantee a passing score.  GCAP uses the Industrial Refrigeration II course in our Operator II training and this second course is used in preparation for operators to attempt the CIRO exam.  GCAP also uses the CIRO supplement from RETA’s website during this course we approach this supplement as a training tool for Operators of any experience to apply the skills required to evaluate a refrigeration system from an analytical standpoint as well as visualize the system in their minds from the information provided.

The CIRO exam is the most successful attempt to date to gauge an operator’s knowledge of refrigeration theory and basis from real life scenarios.  Every Operator II it is a joy to see operators understand the importance of round sheets in their facilities, accuracy and evaluation of these rounds are windows to our system.  There are calculations of HP and KW that are figured and although the average operator will not calculate these in their plant it shows them how important a slightly abnormal pressure increase can affect energy consumption.  It is also a great gauge on an operator’s ability to find the correct information based on the questions posed.  This skill is vital to management since they are relying many times on operators doing exactly that in their facility.

From the GCAP Operator II course perspective not only are you seeing this on paper you can see the reactions in our lab as “YOU” operate our systems.  In the second course you are given the procedure to operate the system and you balance the system based on heat loads in the lab.  Many of the scenarios from the two stage, DX and Flooded systems will happen as your run our lab equipment allowing you the opportunity to make the proper adjustments to solve the issue should it arise. GCAP believes that the combination of theory and lab training has helped us enable operators the best possible single training environment to successfully pass the CIRO certification exam.

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