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Some Student Feedback and Evaluations of our Courses

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CO2 Technician:Have attended classes at GCCC prior to this class and I leaned a lot there, but I must say that the bar has been raised after attending this week’s class at GCAP.  The instructors are very knowledgeable and the quality and amount of equipment, and the facility very impressive.  I would definitely recommend to others.  The quality of the presentations and the equipment was excellent.  Instructors were very knowledgeable and open their presentations.
CO2 Technician: Hands on.  Safety Info.  Top of the line! Great Instructions and good flow of the class Jim France @ Refrigeration Systems Co
CO2 Technician: GCAP is a top notch training facility with knowledgeable instructors who are willing to take the extra step to help with your specific needs.  The facility is well equipped to teach you weather its in the classroom or hands on in the labs.John Thomas @ Danfoss
CO2 Technician: Working as a team during the lab exercise’s.  Understanding of CO2 in a refrigeration cycles.  Great Class! Great Staff! Michael Stevens @ Ryder
CO2 Technician: Well done or should I say, very well done.  Thanks a lot.  Enjoyed the hands on and the ability to “play with the system” Daniel Sniatowski @ Danfoss
CO2 Technician: The hands on lab experience, and a lot of new information and industry insight the instructors have.  The actual starting of a newly installed system and some of the diagrams made it easier to understand to flow of the system.
CO2 Technician: Hands on training with the system.  I learned some new concepts along with a different perspective of viewing systems.  I would like to return for additional classes. Jae Chon @ Danfoss
CO2 Technician: Very complete information of the subject.  The level of the instructors, equipment, and staff was excellent.




Ammonia Operator II:  Attended Lanier in Georgia for Operator I.  This class is much better and informational.  Enjoyed the instructors. Curtis Bass @ Schreiber
Ammonia Operator II:   Hands On.  Figured out why we run what we do at the plant.
Ammonia Operator II: Best school EVER and the instructors are top notch! Tyler J. Beck @ Utah Olympic Park
Ammonia Operator II: Having the ability to ask dumb questions but getting involved answers with a smile.  These guys can teach old dogs new tricks. Al Powell @ Gerber
Ammonia Operator II: The willingness of the instructor to break something down into plain English.  I enjoyed the hands on. You guys rock. David J McElroy Jr @ Milnot
Ammonia Operator II: Instructors were very helpful and informative.  Also very well prepared
Ammonia Operator II: Refresher on things I knew and learned new stuff.  Learning about DX systems. Bruce Bredthauer @ Millard
Ammonia Operator II: A lot of information. Tyler did an excellent job in explaining information.  Diagrams, explanation and hands on.David Storment @ Southstar LLC, Keller Texas
Ammonia Operator II: I liked the ENTHALPY lecture!!!!!





Ammonia Boot Camp: Operator I & II:  Excellent Program! Facility is Fantastic! Staff is very skilled, very helpful.  I recommend this class as a must for NH3 plant operators and leadership. James Yoakum @ Meijer Inc
Ammonia Boot Camp: Operator I & II: The wide breadth of the topics covered.  The confidence shown by the instructors in what they were teaching.   It is a great program.  It shows that you all take pride in your program and rightfully so.
Ammonia Boot Camp: Operator I & II: I like the theory of what is occurring in the system and understanding why we do what we do. Explaining what is happening to the refrigerant at the various points in the cycle helped me the most.  The instructors and staff were always very personable.  It felt they cared about each one of us, always stopping to explain if question arose.   Tom Bollig @ Nestle
Ammonia Boot Camp: Operator I & II:  Great class really enjoyed the staff.  Learned a lot and can use some information on how to trouble shoot my system and how to run it better.  Willie Dobbs @ Intestate Wharehousing
Ammonia Boot Camp: Operator I & II:  Both the classroom lectures and “hands on” lab is what I like the best about the course.  Everything helped / Tyler is a great instructor that kept a good sense of humor to help break up the intensity of learning at a fast pace / Hope Jeremy gets his voice back.
Ammonia Boot Camp: Operator I & II: I loved the class!!!   Ivan Delgado @ Millard Ref.
Ammonia Boot Camp: Operator I & II:  I loved how in depth technical descriptions on how and why the refrigerant moves through the system.  The information on the difference between flooded evaps and DX evaps and how they work and should be properly set up.
Ammonia Boot Camp: Operator I & II:  The way the information was taught, the instructors were very knowledgeable about the subjects and were able to answer question in great detail is what helped me the most in the course.  
Jess Holmquist @ Hormel
Ammonia Boot Camp: Operator I & II:  The use of visual aids, lab, memory aids, NH3, ammonia components, terms, and concepts helped me.
David Istonee @ Genentech Inc.
Ammonia Boot Camp: Operator I & II:  I learned things I did not expect, it will help my customers operate more efficiently.
Greg Pardun @ U.S. Engineering




PSM/RMP: The extent of the training material and knowledge of the instructors is what I liked best about the course.  What helped me the most was the time GCAP has invested in getting, reviewing, and sharing information learned from the citations related to PSM.
PSM/RMP: Seeing the citations is invaluable.
PSM/RMP: This was one of the best courses I have gone to.  I would not change a thing and I will recommend all of our company PSM people to go to this class.
Edward Casey @ Cargill Kitchen Solutions
PSM/RMP:  I liked the way the material was conveyed… easily understood, and illustrated, but with appropriate emphasis to highlight the major hurdles and stumping blocks.
PSM/RMP: The quality, but most of all “PASSION” of the whole team is far superior to most training programs.
PSM/RMP: Great job by all instructors.  Very knowledgeable and clear.  Very well preplanned.
Sam Santuero @ High Liner Foods USA Inc. 




Ammonia Operator I: This is a great class, you will not regret spending the money.
Walt Palmer @ AC&R Specialists
Ammonia Operator I: Food, Staff, Hands-on, Information: Awesome Class!
Ammonia Operator I: Instructors were able to take the technical terminology and put it into an operator/mechanics terms.  It made it easy.
 Ammonia Operator I: This class was excellent and the atmosphere to learn was even better.
Shane Krasinski @ Arctic Glacier
Ammonia Operator I: Very informational and instructors made for an easy to learn in a relaxed atmosphere.
Ammonia Operator I: Tyler is a very good instructor and needs a raise!!! 




Boiler Operator I: Good safety training, very good instructors, and good hands on training. Keep it up. 
Sam Cachow @ Out Back Heating and A/C
Boiler Operator I: The class was really good coming from absolutely not knowing anything to learning hands on.  Also knowing the safety stand point of the whole system gave more confidence in myself to be able to walk into the engine room and not be nervous to touch or give advise to make it better and safer engine room for the future. Donald Schlwertz @ Schreiber Food
Boiler Operator I: Very educational work, tons of information and hands on experience. Enjoyed the personality of the instructors during the book work and their patience during the hands on.
Clint Veach @ Schreiber Food
Boiler Operator I: As a supervisor, I now feel I can communicate with my guys on a higher level and help better with decisions about our boilers.  Have no previous training on boilers, I feel that I have learned a lot and look forward to returning.  Hank Fields @ Con Agra
Boiler Operator I: First I want to say thanks to everybody for spending time working with me.  Before I attended this class I did not have much knowledge on a boiler system.  Now I feel like I could go back and safely troubleshoot our boiler if it had a problem.  Mike Munsch @ Schreiber Food
Boiler Operator I: I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the people here.  Thank you for everything. Can’t wait to come back.  Patrick Lucero @ Leprino Foods
Boiler Operator I: EXCELLENT Job!!!!! Alex Egnew @ Leprino Foods
Boiler Operator I: This class really helped with what I thought I knew about boilers and is going to make my job better.  Very good class.  Chris Dearman @ Jasper Products







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